Just Keep Swimming → Pezberry

  • CHARACTERS: Rachel Berry & Santana Lopez
  • TIMEZONE: Early Morning
  • LOCATION: The woods and the lake
  • SUMMARY: Santana and Rachel go swimming to kill their boredom.
  • NOTES: Got loads of ideas.


Santana looked at Rachel. “No peeking.” SHe ordered as she turned back around and began to undress to change into her bikini. She knew Rachel had to change too. It was awkward to change while not being able to stand up in the stent but sitting down worked too. She wiggled into her bikini bottoms and then put her top on. She turned around to ask Rachel to help her tie her bikini on her back, when she saw Rachel’s back. 

The Jewish girl had only just gotten into her bikini bottoms and didn’t have her bikini top on yet, which provided Santana was a naked back. She licked her lips unconsciously. Rachel was not bad looking at all. She knew that, she had noticed that but every time she did, it still came as a shock to Santana.